i <3 Fulldisclosure: What are you going to do about it?

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A Condorcet Internet Voting Service poll named my €150,000 bequest to FSFE has been created. You have been designated as a voter by the poll supervisor, XXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXXX Description of poll: In 2016 I died in the Swiss alps. FSFE received my entire estate, €150,000. Matthias Kirschner and Jonas Oberg, the FSFE top brass, put the money in reserve for staff security (budget attached) then they went on long periods of paternity leave. When my last Fellowship representative questioned the ethics of this behavior, they embarked on a far-reaching campaign of character assassination to undermine him. They removed elections and the Fellowship from the FSFE constitution, it feels like they are pissing on my grave. One of the last things we did in the Zurich group before my death was organizing Richard Stallman's visit to Swiss cities Zurich, Bern and Sierre. Now the FSFE oligarchs are replacing Stallman with Open Source in the FSFE constitution and planning a vindictive lawsuit against the last Fellowship representative, the only person who spoke up for my interests. What are you going to do about it?